Visit and meet FTS


If you want to take a closer look at the Faculty of Technical Sciences Čačak and want to find out more about the courses on offer, you can choose from the following offers:

*Information and advice from the Career Center team
The Career Center provides valuable information and guidance regarding career paths, internships, job opportunities, and professional development tailored to the needs of students. You can contact the team via email and schedule a meeting/consultation.

* Information from the head of the program
For additional information about specific study programs, peculiarities, and study methods, you can contact the heads of the study programs:

BSc (Academic):

Electrical Power Engineering
Prof. Dr. Miroslav Bјekić
Office 231
Prof. Dr. Ivan Milićević
Office 225,
Engineering Management
Prof. Dr. Jasmina Vesić-Vasović
Office 125
Information Technology
Prof. Dr. Vlade Urošević
Office 129
Computer and Software Engineering
Dr. Željko Jovanović
Office 022
IT in Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Marko Popović
Office 235

BSc (Professional):

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Dr. Milan Dobričić, Professor
Office 127
Information Technology
Dr. Branko Marković, Professor
Office 137
Mechanical Engineering and Informatics
Dr. Anđelija Mitrović, Professor
Office 136
Production and Ecological Management
Dr. Miloš Papić, Associate Professor
Office 122
Printing Technology
Dr. Bratislav Čukić, Professor
Office 137
Clothing Engineering and Design
Dr. Goran Majstorović, Professor
Office 128

*Information from the PR office
The PR office disseminates information about the faculty's activities, study programs, events, and achievements through various channels, keeping prospective students well-informed about the latest updates. Contact for more information.

*Education and career fairs
The faculty participates in education and career fairs where students can explore different educational and professional opportunities, interact with representatives from companies and institutions, and gather information about potential future paths. Some of the fairs, such as ’’ Career days’’ are organized by students gathered around the FTS Student Parliament.

During OPEN DOOR Days, the faculty welcomes prospective students to visit the campus, attend presentations, interact with faculty members, and get a firsthand experience of the academic environment. These are usually organized twice a year, once as an online event, and then as an in-person event at the Faculty. Please, check the website to get updated about the next OPEN DOOR days.

*Student4OneDay appointment
This service allows interested individuals to spend a day shadowing a current student, attending classes, engaging in practical activities, and gaining insights into the student experience at the Faculty of Technical Sciences Čačak. You can contact the team via email and schedule a meeting.

*Organized visits
Upon, request, the faculty organizes visits for schools, educational institutions, and other groups interested in learning more about the facilities, study programs, and research activities at the Faculty of Technical Sciences Čačak. Contact for more information.

*VIBER group
Information about enrollment for the current and upcoming academic year can be obtained through the Viber community or by contacting the phone number: +381(0)600-88-55-70.

You can always get a glimpse of our Faculty through our Facebook and Instagram accounts.