Why study at FTS?

The Faculty of Technical Sciences in Čačak is a state institution of higher education that is engaged in teaching, scientific research, and the provision of intellectual services. The study programs are designed according to the needs of students and the demands of the market, encompassing the study of the most contemporary professional disciplines that follow the rapid technological development of the global industry. All programs are accredited. As part of its scientific research activities, the Faculty organizes professional and scientific conferences, seminars, and consultations, emphasizing professional development and study visits for its professors and students. The Faculty is also recognized for its successful publishing activities.

The Faculty offers prospective students:
• Studies at a prestigious, state-accredited higher education institution, recognized for its academic achievements.
• Modern study programs aligned with the demands of the business environment.
• Competent and experienced teaching staff.
• Well-equipped classrooms and laboratories for theoretical and practical knowledge acquisition.
• Interactive teaching processes with student-centred learning.
• Work in smaller groups with open and creative communication.
• Professional internships in successful companies within the environment.
• Collaboration with other student organizations.
• Opportunities for student mobility, student exchanges, and other forms of international training.
• Student participation in the faculty's decision-making bodies.
• A dynamic and enjoyable student life.
• Awards, scholarships, and recognition for outstanding achievements.

Students have access to:
• More than 20 modern laboratories for conducting exercises and practical work.
• Computer classrooms and e-laboratories (1 computer per student).
• Student web services and platforms for online and distance learning.
• A modern Graphic Center for digital and offset printing.
• The Cabinet for Production Engineering and Engineering Management at "Sloboda" Company with a multimedia laboratory.
• Access to the academic network AMRES.
• A library with over 25,000 titles and a reading room with 25 computers.
• The opportunity to obtain internationally recognized certificates through exclusive partnerships between the Faculty and Oracle Academy, Huawei ICT Academy and more.
• The possibility of further education through Master's academic, Master's professional, and Doctoral academic studies.
• The opportunity to establish a start-up and work in the Science and Technology Park Čačak.

You will also have the opportunity to:
• Work in smaller and interdisciplinary teams
• Foster open and creative communication
• Enhance problem-solving skills and critical-thinking abilities
• Promote innovative ideas and work on patents/innovations
• Gain practical training opportunities in leading companies
• Develop professional networks
• Experience a dynamic learning environment
• Explore entrepreneurship opportunities and work in the Science and Technology Park of Čačak
• Participate in student mobility programs and exchange opportunities
• Engage in various extracurricular activities and student clubs
• Collaborate with student associations and organizations
• Attend conferences, workshops, and seminars
• Take part in research projects and scientific activities
• Volunteer in community service initiatives
• Enjoy cultural events, sports competitions, and social gatherings
• Benefit from mentoring and career guidance programs
• Embrace a vibrant and supportive student community.