Vladimir Mladenović

Dr Vladimir Mladenović
Full Professor
Department of Information Technologies

Faculty of Technical Sciences Čačak1

University of Kragujevac

65, Svetog Save St.

32102 Čačak

Phone:  +381 032/302-734

Fax: +381 032/342-101

Office No: 130


CV Curriculum Vitae

Contemporary software architecture
Multimedia systems
Data security
Internet of things
Contemporary Communication Systems  (MSc)
Web programming (MSc)
Contemporary network technologies (PhD)
Applied computer vision (PhD)

Digital innovation lab


Dr. Vladimir Mladenovic was born in 1975. He finished primary and secondary school in Paracin. He finished the Faculty of Electronic Engineering, University of Nis, in 2000. He acquired the title of Master of Science degree at the same university in 2005, and a doctor of technical sciences earned from the Technical Faculty in Cacak, the University of Kragujevac in 2009.


Vladimir Mladenovic worked in the Serbian glass factory in Paracin as an IT manager since 2001. to 2004, as well as a teacher of courses in the field of electrical engineering since 2004. to 2009. As a professor of professional studies in the department of electrical engineering, he worked since 2009. up to 2013.
He is the author of more than 90 scientific papers published in conferences and journals of national and international importance. He is the owner and inventor of three patents of which one is in commercial use. He is a licensed engineer to transfer technologies by the World Intellectual Property Organization ( World Intellectual Property Organization - WIPO) and the Intellectual Property Office of Serbia, a member of the IEEE, the Association of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia, and President of the Society for Innovation and technical-technological development Paracin.


The main areas of research are 5G EDGE computing, wireless communication, IoT, Artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural networks, deep learning, Image processing and computer vision, Symbolic computation and processing, and Fast algorithms.


  • Senior AI architect
  • 5G Service solution expert


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